Practice Makes Perfect

soccerrrWelcome to my site!  My name is Marku and I’m a practicing athlete hoping to go pro.  I play a variety of sports, namely soccer.  Volleyball, tennis and swimming are my other passions.  My life is pretty much dedicated to perfecting these sports.  I spend about 3 hours every day practicing soccer and when I have spare time, I’m always practicing volleyball, tennis and swimming.

My dream is become a pro athlete.  I love sports, following sports and playing it.  I love being a team player but am also extremely capable by myself.  My friends know me as the “active” one, and I guess that’s true since I’m always running and jumping around or waddling around in the lake or pool.  My best sport would most definitely be soccer as I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old.  I never get bored of it and when I get tired, I’ll just switch to something else.  On this blog I’ll tell you more about the sports I play as well as my practice schedule and where I play.