Playing Sports In Domes

Domes are one of the best things for those of us who live in colder climates. Invented using Scandinavian technology and ideologies the bubble tech is what allows us in cold climates to spend times “outdoors”. Of course, outdoors is really indoors! Bubble athletic environments involve creating a big plastic foam bubble that surrounds a soccer field or baseball diamond or tennis courts and allows us to play our favorite summertime sports all year!

Now, for much of North America- we all really hate winter. There are a lot of different elements to consider when you want to build out a winter community, of course you also have to consider the cost of air supported structures.

I have been researching the efficiency of winter communities for years and the happiest communities tend to be small to mid-sized communities in areas with light fluffy snowfall and mountains. Having a lot of street lights brings a cozy environment and feeling to the world. Having a good mountain for skiing and snowboarding really makes a quality difference as well. Having physical activity and things to do for the community is a major driving factor behind the mental health of a winter community.

Not everyone, but many people tend to feel a bit down or sad or bored or frustrated in the winter because of a lack of sunlight, cold, and depressing conditions. Nice mountains and a cozy village make it easier because of the environment and how its more stimulating.

Now for those of us who also enjoy other sports- things like tennis or soccer or baseball or football- what do you do? Well the answer of course is move to a warmer climate. Just kidding- that’s not always feasible for people to do.


The science behind bubble technology is to build the bubble out of a resilient, weather proof material that can take abuse from all different sides of the weather. From rain to snow to sleet to hail to nice summer weather. The bubbles can take it all. What you want to avoid in this new technology is to have it collapse. It would be a very bad circumstance to have a big bubble collapse onto a hockey rink in the middle of a game. This luckily has never happened, and there are a lot of activities in air dome structures.  The structures are secure, safe, and reliable and nobody will ever be injured or at risk when inside an air dome.

Practice Makes Perfect

soccerrrWelcome to my site!  My name is Marku and I’m a practicing athlete hoping to go pro.  I play a variety of sports, namely soccer.  Volleyball, tennis and swimming are my other passions.  My life is pretty much dedicated to perfecting these sports.  I spend about 3 hours every day practicing soccer and when I have spare time, I’m always practicing volleyball, tennis and swimming.

My dream is become a pro athlete.  I love sports, following sports and playing it.  I love being a team player but am also extremely capable by myself.  My friends know me as the “active” one, and I guess that’s true since I’m always running and jumping around or waddling around in the lake or pool.  My best sport would most definitely be soccer as I’ve been playing since I was 4 years old.  I never get bored of it and when I get tired, I’ll just switch to something else.  On this blog I’ll tell you more about the sports I play as well as my practice schedule and where I play.